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eufy Introduces Next-Generation Vacuum Cleaners

eufy, a smart home brand by Anker Innovations also one of the consumer electronics brand. The brand is famous for smart home appliances, including robotic vacuum cleaners, wireless security systems, etc.

The brand now back in the headlines with the launch of their next generation series of home vacuums, the RoboVac X8 Series and HomeVac H30. The firm claims to have created a powerful new generation of robotic vacuum cleaners that incorporate some world-first technologies.

Quoting the words from Rick Du (General Manager of eufy’s appliance division):

These new home vacuums are packed with big technological innovations by eufy that are focused on consumers’ needs that were previously unmet, which made cleaning the house a hassle. The Twin Turbine Technology in the RoboVac X8 Series makes it almost impossible for dirt, debris, or pet hair to be left behind. On the other hand, the HomeVac H30 offers unbeatable suction power with a wide variety of accessories in order for customers to find the most efficient solution for their homes or cars.

RoboVac X8 Series

According to the company the RoboVac X8 Series focuses on more power and smarter cleaning. The series includes 2 variants the RoboVac X8 and the X8 hybrid.


  • Both the variant RoboVac X8 and the X8 hybrid works on eufy’s new twin-turbine technology.
  • Capable of generating up to 2*2,000 Pascals (pa) of suction power.
  • Delivers dynamic pressure suction- particles trickier than usual can be swept up with ease.
  • 57% of the increase in the pet-hair cleaning capabilities compared to the older RoboVac models.
  • iPath Laser Navigation – Implementation of iPath laser navigation makes vacuuming smart. Learns & builds a real-time map with the hep of Lidar laser in roboVac X8 Series.
  • It also offers A.I. mapping technology enabling more control for customers over the vacuum.
  • Delivers real-time mapping reports.

HomeVac H30

The concept behind the HomeVac H30 is to deliver a customizable cleaning experience for the customers. The company claims the H30 as an all-in-one stick vacuum capable of cleaning in all possible scenarios.


  • Small and lightweight (less than 2 pounds).
  • Comes with 80 AW of suction power.
  • Capable to pick up all the dust, pet hair, and other particles.
  • The onboard battery delivers 20 mins of non-stop cleaning.
  • Comes with a removable battery.

The H30 comes with three separate accessory packages, each tailored to a unique circumstance:

  • H30 Venture: eufy claims that the H30 Venture is meant to clean the automobile as possible.
  • H30 Mate: Designed and built for pet lovers, it features a tiny motorized tool for cleaning up all the hair and fur left behind by cats, dogs, and other animals.
  • H30 Infinity: The H30 Infinity comes with all of the accessories found in the Venture and Mate models, as well as a few more, making it the ideal vacuum for every job, including mopping.


X8 Series

RoboVac X8RoboVac X8 Hybrid
US – $599.99US – $649.99
UK – £449.99UK – £499.99
DE – €499.99DE – €549.99

HomeVac H30

H30 VentureH30 MateH30 Infinity
US – $159.99US – $179.99US- $199.99
UK – £149.99UK – £169.99UK- £189.99
DE – €159.99DE – €179.99DE- €199.99

If you’re looking for a smart upgrade to your vacuum cleaners then the eufy is a brand that you can trust also if you’re looking for a smart upgrade with then the X8 series would be a great pic.

In case if you’re planning to get an affordable product then the H30 is the right pick for you. Also, you can choose any based on your requirement from the 3 variants available.

You can check the additional information for new products, check the news page. The pre-order starts from September 8th, 2021.



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