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Fiido Beast: The Powerful Off-Road Electric Scooter

Have you ever wished for an e-scooter that goes off the road and doubles up as a two-wheeled go-kart to feed your insatiable appetite for racing over the weekend? Fiigo has revealed their electric scooter, dubbed the Beast, which promises to close the gap between an off-roader and a racetrack machine.

Powered by a 48V 1536Wh battery, the Beast is equipped with dual motors that make 1,300W combined. The front wheel is powered with a 500W motor and an 800W motor at the rear. This combined power assists the Beast to sprint to a rated top speed of around 48 Kmph. The dual hydraulic disc brakes carry out powerful braking. And while it can run up to 70 Kms per charge in its dual drive mode and up to 100 Kms in single drive mode, it is claimed to tackle up to 40% inclines as well. Of course, the range is subject to different riding conditions and styles besides the payload.Fiido Beast Electric Scooter Sit-Cycling

Now, when riding on the rough stuff, one could stand on the footboard and hold on to the 28.3-inch wide handlebar for maneuvering. The dual suspensions take the beating, and 11-inch off-road anti-skid fat tires ensure grip while at it. For convenience, the Beast comes with front and rear lights for better visibility on and off the road and a removable waterproof battery too.

Fiido B2 Off Road E-Scooter

When it comes to the racetrack, the seat you see in the pictures could be used to sit and go all out with your feet on pegs on the sides of the front wheel. What comes in handy during our sessions is the total weight of the e-scooter, which sums up to just 35.6 kg. Fiido claims this is comparatively lightweight for a product of this kind. Thanks to the patented multi-angle adjustment stem that maintains a riding posture while standing or sitting down.

Fiido has teased the Beast via a campaign on Indiegogo with a pre-order price of $1599, offering you a discount of a massive $800 off its original $2399. But this early price pricing is only till 17 March at 12 pm GMT (8 am EST/5 am PST). Hence, if you wish to back this project instead of buying it off the shelf with that sticker, you know what to do.



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