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Himiway Announces Four New eBikes Models including Full Suspension

Himiway, an electric bicycle company, has been making headlines on its primary two electric bicycle designs for a long time. The firm now claims to be ready to shake it up with a host of new e-bikes. If you’re unfamiliar with this brand, here’s a brief introduction that will help you to know more about it.

Himiway, a premium direct-to-consumer e-bike manufacturer. The company will launch four new models in October to meet the growing demand and popularity of electric bikes in the United States and Canada.

Now, the company Himiway Electric Bikes is gearing up to introduce even more high-quality items to its range while continuing to push the frontiers of technology, design, and comfort. 

As per Himiway’s CEO Mike Walker:

We look forward to delighting both returning and new customers with our latest e-bike models. Watch our free Livestream announcement from anywhere in the world this October as we showcase the Softail Supreme, Multifunctional, and Premium All-Terrain E-bikes.

We will be announcing four new bikes across these three categories as an extension of our mission to revolutionize the electric bike experience for riders of all ages and fitness levels.

The Softail Supreme E-bike, Multifunctional E-bike, and Premium All-Terrain E-bike are anticipated to be released later this year and will include the specific features that all Himiway bikes are known for, such as high power, extended battery life, and LCD displays.

And, with features like these, it’s no wonder that electric bikes are the fastest growing bicycle sector in the US, particularly among seniors.

Himiway New Bike Models
Himiway New Bike Models

Himiway Softail Supreme E-bike

According to the announcement page on Himiway’s website, the Softail Supreme E-bike will be their “most creative e-bike ever.” The bike will include a high-quality suspension system and the rear suspension that is common to all Softail bikes, resulting in the finest riding experience available on the market today.

Himiway Bike Ground
Himiway Cruiser

Multifunctional E-bike

The Multifunctional E-Bike, as the name suggests, will provide users with a variety of applications ranging from buying groceries to pickups and deliveries to weekend excursions with the family.

E-bikes are very well known for their adaptability, and many individuals have switched from driving to riding an e-bike as their primary means of transportation. When the overall cost of ownership is considered, this makes e-bikes like Himiway’s relatively inexpensive. The Multifunctional E-bike will redefine what it means to provide maximum usefulness at a low cost. 

Premium All-terrain E-Bikes

The Premium All-terrain E-bike, described on Himiway’s website as “a mix of mountain and urban cruiser,” rounds out the new models. This crossover bike should be a great choice for people seeking to enjoy the perfect blend and discover as much of the globe as possible on their e-bike.

Himiway Fat Tire Bike

These new bikes will continue to provide riders with the style, versatility, and off-road capabilities that Himiway Bikes are known for, but with additional features and designs that frequent riders will love.

We have the expertise and passion necessary to give our riders the best transportation experience possible during commutes, running errands, or simply getting daily exercise with our E-bikes,“says Mike.

Himiway continues to meet the new mobility and sustainability needs that people throughout the country have come to anticipate from their favorite environmentally-friendly businesses.

Himiway provides extended warranty coverage, high-quality accessories, and complete customer assistance throughout the purchasing process, in addition to a wide array of diverse e-bike models.

Check more details in this announcement about the top-notch suspension system and softail bikes.

Himiway also regularly updates their blog with advice and recommendations for the e-bike community, as well as images and videos of their bikes in action. Happy shopping, and remember to come back to Mash Deals for the latest deals and offers in the world of technology.



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